Cell Phone, Photography & Videography Policy

Whether you just started working out or are a seasoned member of American Family Fitness, we are thrilled that you are a part of the AFFamily and are in the gym working out. We recognize that you may want to share your #gymselfie on social media. How else are you going to inspire your followers right? 😉

Before you take that #gymselfie, we’d appreciate you reviewing our cell phone policy and etiquette tips:

  • Keep it in the lobby. As a courtesy to other members and guests, talking on a mobile device (includes cell phones and tablets) is strictly limited to the lobby. Remember,

    private conversations don't belong in public spaces.

  • No selfies, photography, or videography in the locker room. 
    Respect the privacy of all members, staff and guests. Recognizable or not, no one wants to explain to their mother why they’re on social media in their birthday suit. 
  • Look before you snap.
    You know that moment when you’re like, “WOW, check out my arms! They look good. Let me take a selfie.”? Before you snap that pic, double check the background. Look around you and make sure that you won’t accidentally capture someone nearby. While you may be camera ready, the person on the stair machine behind you most likely isn’t.
  • Work harder in the gym, less on the pose. 
    Losing the last 5lbs or building lean muscle takes time and so does capturing that perfect gym selfie. Before you start posing, remember why you’re here and ask yourself will this get me closer to my goal? #nofilter
  • Focus on your workout. 
    We like you. We like you a lot. We like you even more when you’re focused on your workout and getting results than what you’re doing than your phone.

Our Social Media Team frequents our clubs to help capture photos and videos of classes in action, trainer tips, member success stories and more. We'd love to share your smile and success on social. Should you wish not to be featured, kindly let our team know.


Failure to abide by the American Family Fitness Code of Conduct or any club rules or policies including disruptive behavior or disrespecting staff, members or guests, can/may/will result in disciplinary action up to and including membership suspension or termination. American Family Fitness guidelines, policies and Member Code of Conduct are subject to change with or without notice.