Cancel Membership

While we hate to see you leave the family, we understand that canceling your membership may be the right decision for you at this time. 

Please note that canceling your membership would subject you to enrollment fees and any new membership rates if you decide to return to the gym at a later date. That’s why we offer the option to freeze your membership instead of canceling. If you'd like to freeze your membership, click here.

As a reminder, we require 30 days notice for cancellation, which means that you are responsible for any payments that occur within 30 days of your request to cancel. If applicable, cancellation fees must be paid before your final usage date. All fees and outstanding dues must be paid in order for the cancellation to take effect. Memberships cannot be canceled during a freeze.

  • Please allow 7-10 business days to confirm your request once received.
  • Some requests may require additional information.
  • Your submission date (provided all necessary information is included*) is the date used to process your request.
  • Requests are not finalized until all required information is received.
  • Incomplete request(s) will be voided.
  • The effective date of cancellation is the date your membership is terminated.

To cancel your membership, please complete our Cancellation Request Form.


PLEASE NOTE: Requests to cancel membership must be submitted through the appropriate online form. Any requests received via email or social media will not be processed.